Do you have any of your childhood childrens toy tea sets left? How about a piece or two? That’s my situation. I have a china tea pot we turned into a pincushion but it’s packed away and I’m not sure where it is right now. And I have this sweet cupcake platter that went with it. It was perfect for “hosting” one of my favorite Scriptures. We could easily add, The grass withers, the flower fades, [the child grows up and grows old and will someday be on earth no longer - though forever in heaven,] but the Word of Our God stands forever.

This childrens china tea set from my youth is a great example of this encouraging Scripture.jpg


I love to share the Word of God with my grandchildren and with all of you. Thank you for joining us here at Children’s Tea Party Sets and Ideas for Spiritual Sunday and Pink Saturday.


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Welcoming you to Childrens Toy Tea Sets and Ideas Mad Tea Party with this Cardew Alice in Wonderland Teapot Tea PotHow fun – it’s time for the Mad Tea Party 2014. Just one problem. The timing for this fun tea party came in between my visits to my  sweet long distance granddaughters who I usually tea party with. And when I asked my grandsons, who used to love our manly (said with a very deep voice) tea parties,

A MANLEY tea cup for sons and grandsons.jpg

I discovered they were quite busy skateboarding, nerf-warring, and sprinkler-hopping with their neighborhood buddies.

My grandsons have outgrown our kids toy tea parties and even these cool shades did not change their minds boost

Even when I tried bribing them with cool disguises, they said they’d “have to take a raincheck.” Something tells me that raincheck may last quite a few years – maybe until they are grown with children or grandchildren of their own and a sweet young lass or grandlass cajoles them into a tea party. I watched my girls do that with their sweet grandpa. ♥♥♥♥

What is a grandma to do when her grandkids are too busy for a childrens toy tea party with a cute indoor outdoor set

Sigh. What’s a grandma to do with a fun tea party coming up and no grand-volunteers for the moment. Aha! I lucked out. It turns out my grandkids’ family was babysitting an adorable little toddler who thought a tea party would be quite delightful. And so it was – for both of us. A tea party with a toddler. I haven’t enjoyed that in some time!

A sweet little toddler spied the cute kids tea set and was as entranced as I had hoped Lens flare.jpg

So off we went to the front porch on a sweet sunlit day full of magical mystery and a cute little plastic indoor outdoor kids tea set to enjoy.

This cute childrens plastic toy tea set was fun for this grandma and the cute little toddler I got to play with.jpg

We had fun setting it up.

my little friend loved getting to take the cute plastic spring and summer toddlers toy tea set home

We enjoyed our faux tea and cookies and we even had a few guests.

Childrens toy tea parties are great for using imagination  red

Hmmmmm, Donald doesn’t look very happy. Perhaps he needs some quackers to put a smile on his face.

Pink Fish and animal quackers errr crackers to put a smile on Donalds face

Sun fairies danced around and made the afternoon quite delightful.

My little friend and I enjoyed this fun outside tea party together with one of the teeny tiny little plastic kids toy tea sets with hearts

When all was done, she was enchanted to discover she got to keep this cute kids toy tea set. A fun treat that is just her size and unbreakable – perfect for a tiny toddler whose company I quite enjoyed.

Cute picture of my kids toy tea party and set I used

And now, it’s time to bid you adieu as you continue on your way enjoying tea parties near and far. And who knows, perhaps we shall meet again at your tea party. ♥♥♥♥

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Oh how wonderful! It’s that time again. Time for the annual Mad Tea Party 2014. A Fanciful Twist has once again invited us to join in the fun on July 12, 2014 and I can’t wait.  But….what shall I write about? Oh dear, oh dear, what shall I do? And if I don’t figure it out soon, I might be late – might be late!!! Hmmmmm…. Should I share a delightful critter tea party? This giraffe would be great for boys AND girls. :)

Giraffe teapot-a fun addition for a kids toy tea party set

Or perhaps, another fun fairy tea time? My grandkids loved our last one.

What a cute fairy childrens toy tea set-sets like this stir their imagination


Then again, how about a deep dark and lush forest time together? This indoor / outdoor kids toy tea set would be perfect for hiking in a lush and lovely area with a fun tea party for the children at a half way point.

An indoor outdoor kids toy tea set for a jungle tea party


Oooooo – we could have a pool party tea party?

Childrens Plastic Toy Tea Sets should be fine for a swimming pool tea party


Or how about a tea party with yummy fruit, starting with a Strawberry Shortcake tea set?

Kids love Strawberry shortcake childrens toy tea sets

Then again, we could go creative with a party for little (or big) girls to paint their own tea set?

Kids enjoy Painting their own childrens toy ceramic tea sets

Ooooohhhh – what about a Christmas in July tea party with a real tea party set for the children to enjoy and Christmas music playing and the air conditioner on high to help us forget the triple digit temperatures outside?

Spode Christmas tea set teapot

So many decisions, so little time until this year’s Mad Tea Party on July 12, 2014.

Kids Toy Tea Sets invites you to join us at A Fanciful Twist for the annual Mad Tea Party 2014


Don’t forget to come back with your kids and grandkids to Children’s Tea Party Sets and Ideas and join in the fun. ♥♥♥♥


Butterflies mean that spring is here - time for the cute kids real and toy tea party sets to move outside as well as inside - shIt’s spring again! The winds gently kissing our cheeks, the dead branches showing new signs of life with petals and leaves about to explode, and the children and grandchildren begging to play outside again after a long winter cooped up inside. Spring means butterflies and dragonflies, flowers blooming, fun with kites flying, balls soaring, and children’s tea parties (for girls and boys) moving outside. Not only that, spring also means it’s time for the Ultimate Blog Party 2013. How can one season contain so much richness? It can’t! It must explode into wondrous bits of fun and memories and sweet joys! Come join in the fun and WELCOME to all of you!

I do love children’s tea parties and toy (and real) tea party sets, don’t you? Both online AND off! For this fun Ultimate Blog Party 2013, I  decided to share ideas for a lovely butterfly tea party for children. I chose a new tea party set I just discovered at Amazon that is perfect for spring time tea party fun.

I love this gorgeous children toy tea set with butterflies and dragonflies flowers and berries and more - perfect for spring and summer tea parties

It’s a Miniature Porcelain Butterfly & Dragonfly Tea Set that is both beautiful and collectible. Its size is petite – perfect for tiny hands or bigger children who love tiny toys. This set includes a teapot, a tray, 2 teacups, 2 saucers, a creamer, and a sugar bowl beautifully decorated with spring flowers, berries, butterflies, and more. Of course, you’d only wash this by hand, just to keep its colors bright.

Can’t you picture the lovely photos you can take of your special little girl or granddaughter and yourself on a lovely warm spring afternoon? Set the outside table with this adorable tea set with little bubble sets by each cup. For my younger grandchildren, I would provide colored construction paper and sparkly colorful butterfly and dragonfly stickers to make fun pictures…

Butterfly and dragonfly stickers make a delightful addition to the cute spring kids toy tea sets for your childrens tea party

For my older grandchildren, butterfly origami would be an exciting new adventure for us.

Origami butterflies make a delightful addition to a spring childrens toy tea party with lovely floral and butterfly tea sets

Either way, what a delight to spend some time together, sipping our tea (juice) and delicately nibbling on sugar cookies and talking of winter past and summer plans to come.

After we finish our tea party and craft, I’ll make sure I have a couple of interesting and colorful books about butterflies to read together. National Geographic Kids is always a wonderful resource with such books as

Caterpillar to butterfly - a fun colorful and educational book to read to our grandchildren after a tea party


Migrations of butterflies - perfect for a childrens tea party with such cute butterfly tea sets

And then we might make our own butterfly kites and run hither and yon, delighting in flying them in the same delectable wind as the butterflies dancing around us on a sunny spring day.
A fun project for a kids tea party after you snacked with the toy tea sets is to make your own kite

What a fun way to spend an afternoon with a sweet child we love so much. And won’t the photos we take be a wonderful treat for decades to come?

Thank you so much for popping in to visit Children’s Tea Party Sets and Ideas. Do come again! And have a lovely Ultimate Blog Party as well as a delightful spring! ♥♥♥♥

Join childrens tea party sets and ideas for the Ultimate Blog Party 2013 


While out tea-set-sight-seeing, I spotted this cute idea which gave me an even cuter thought. Once our kids and grandkids have outgrown their kids toy tea sets, how about turning them into delightful vases for spring flowers? What a sweet decoration for our homes!

Spring is blooming and what a fun idea to decorate an old unused kids toy tea pot from your grandchilds old set

Sweet memories – past and present – and it doesn’t even have to be spring flowers. Leaves in autumn, Christmas tree branches or holly berries at Christmas, and don’t forget those lovely camellias in the midst of winter!

P.S. Do visit the ever delightful Rose Chintz Cottage – full of gorgeous tea sets and home decor ideas abundant as well as Spiritual Sunday – a lovely way to encourage and refresh our hearts and spirits.

P.P.S. Don’t forget to come back tonight at midnight for the Ultimate Blog Party 2013! Very fun!


A fun winters tea party with snowflakes and tea setsHappy New Year! The holidays are over and outside playtimes are rather chilly. That means it’s the perfect time of year for a snowflake tea party, whether there’s any real snow outside or not! So start by grabbing your favorite children and grandchildren and a cute white toy tea set like this Children-Size Tea Cups & Saucers in a traditional and simple white porcelain with a 22K Gold trim,

A white childrens tea party set is perfect for January fun with your grandchildren

or, for that matter, a real tea set with snowflakes, like this October Hill Ceramic Snowflake Collection Teapot

Too cute for a kids toy tea party - its not a set but its adorable for January

which comes with matching tea cups.  What cute tea sets to share with our children and grandchildren.

Absolutely - our children and grandchildren will love these snowflake tea cup set too

Next, gather up some fun craft supplies for your winter snowflake tea party:

  • Construction Paper – white, a variety of shades, or maybe even some cute specialty paper with different shades and designs.
  • Markers and/or crayons
  • Scissors

Gather the children to a table and have them fold each sheet of paper in half, then in half again, then in half again. Instruct your little ones to take the scissors and cut clips on each of the sides to make cute and very simple snowflakes, like gorgeous creations:

Cutting snowflakes are fun for a cute winters kids toy tea party with a white set

These are fun decorations for a cute kids toy tea set party

Or, if you have older grandchildren, how about some really fancy snowflakes like these:

They can make their “snow flakes” all white or color them before OR after they have cut them. Then they can use them to decorate their room after their tea party. Or perhaps send one with an “I love you” note attached to a special grandparent or long distance friend.

Next, enjoy reading together from a fun snowy day book like The Big Snow by Berta Hader and Elmer Hader and Snow by P.D. Eastman.

For the tea party itself, how about straight pretzels dipped in white frosting. You could even use the frosting to glue them into snowflake shapes as fun and tasty snowflake snacks. Or you could use the really yummy, cute, and easy snowflake pretzels from Rold Gold.

Rold Gold makes cute and yummy peppermint dipped snowflake pretzels

And to drink? After all, it is a childrens tea party. How about herb tea like Bigelow Orange and Spice tea, warm apple cider, or my personal favorite – hot chocolate with a white “snowflake” of whipped cream on the top (check out this wonderful sounding recipe). Delicious!!!

A fun and tasty time for all, full of warmth, laughter, and lovely memories to enjoy for years. And very important – don’t forget to take plenty of photos. ♥♥♥♥

P.S. Have a lovely Pink Saturday.


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