My senior mom has loved tea party sets for children since I was a little girl. Since I’m a member of the aging Baby Boomers Generation, you know that’s been a while!

This makes a lovely childrens real Japanese tea party set for two

I still remember the thrill I got one Christmas when I opened box after box of all the pieces I needed for a delightful tea party for kids in a Japanese Garden. The Japanese teapots size was perfect for a 10 year old.  The tea cup and saucer sets that went with it matched exquisitely. The entire Japanese tea set was perfect for giving a creative boost to a very active imagination. I even got the cutest chop sticks and such a delicate fan to go with it!

My senior mom’s love affair with kids toy tea sets – for grandkids of all sizes, shapes, ages – didn’t end there. Over the years, she has bought miniature china tea sets, childrens porcelain tea sets, plastic children’s tea sets, and more.

A Schylling Tin Tea Set makes sturdy tea sets for little children

Fortunately, she has lots of company in this love of her for kids toy tea sets. Umpteen grandchildren and great-grandchildren love these treats! I thought this site would be fun, and a big help for all of us who often get recruited to help track down unique tea sets for children and grandchildren – girls AND boys.

Curious George kids toy tin tea sets are fun for little boys and little girls

I’ll be sharing fun tea sets for children that we’ve found and we’d love to hear of any cute ones you’ve discovered. Just leave a comment in any of the posts or you can email me directly at Ann.ChildrensTeaSets@gmail.com. In the meantime, tea anyone? 🙂

I love country style tea party clip art