Blue Little Boys and Girls Tea Party and Tea Set for Blue Monday

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Blue Monday makes a fun time for a childrens toy tea set and party

Oh my, how fun. We’re going straight from the pretty pinks and reds of Painting-Fun Tea Party Ideas For a Little Girls Tea Party to the delightful blues of sweet childrens tea sets! Smiling Sally is the gracious hostess for Blue Monday and I thought twould be delightful to join in with a blue childrens tea party. And blue, of course, means that it is perfect for either a little boys OR a little girls tea party – how fun!

First, I had to find some blue flowers for our childrens tea party. So off I went, for a delightful stroll under lovely shaded trees, looking for any blue flowers to join in on the frivolity. As my grandchildren love to say, “I spy, with my little eye, something BLUE.” And spy I did.

What a lovely blue hydrangea to decorate the table of the sweet little boys or girls tea party with their childrens toy tea set

Next, we need to get out the adorable matching womens and childrens frilly kitchen aprons. Those are always handy no matter our age and they make cute ones for boys as well as girls. 

Of course, what is a little boys or girls blue tea party without a blue tea set? And here is a delightfully unique blue porcelain childrens tea set, so perfect for a Blue Monday tea party, don’t you think?
Blue porcelain childrens toy tea set

It’s intriguing as it doesn’t have plates, just the teapot and four cups. But Wilton’s cupcake stand to the rescue – placed  in the middle of the table these wonderful cupcake tree stands hold 13 yummy cupcakes including some with blue frosting, and the boys will be especially happy not to have to juggle an extra dish. ♥♥♥♥

Cute cupcake stand is perfect for a little boys or girls tea party - especially if the children toy tea set does not have plates

Well, with all that in place, I do believe it’s time to call the children for their sweet blue tea party. Tea, anyone? 🙂

P.S. If you’d like to have your own blue childrens tea set, just just click here. For the aprons or cupcake stand, just click on the pictures. And enjoy your own special family memories of a blue childrens tea party for the special little boys and girls tea party at your house! ♥♥♥♥


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