Red, White, and Blue Childrens Tea Sets For Boys and Girls

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Patriotic kids toy tea sets

Patriotic Toy Tea Sets for Boys and Girls

Fun times in the summertime! From watermelon to fireworks, and long lazy sunny days outside, it’s a delightful time for childrens tea party picnics with red, white and blue sets and accessories. The only problem? Those can be few and far between. I bought some cute red, white and blue tea towels and soft balls for my grandkids,  anticipating I could find a cute childrens tea set to go with them.

I did, but it wasn’t easy and many of them are limited in quantity. So if that’s something you are also looking for, let’s get going FAST before they are all gone!


Children Tea Sets in Porcelain

Couldn’t you  see your little one playing with one of these very cute childrens toy tea sets that are porcelain? So pretty! This cute tea set for two comes with a real pouring porcelain tea pot, 2 adorable little teacups, 2 little plates just right for patriotic cookies, or perhaps a strawberry-blueberry-whipped cream dainty, tiny spoons and forks, and a cream and sugar set. It offers one of my favorite qualities – they are dishwasher safe. And this is a cute toy tea set basket set.

Polka Dot Girls and Boys Toy Tea Set

If you’re looking for bigger toy tea sets for girls or for boys, you might like this cute polka dot tea set that is a delightful red and white – perfect for the summer and delightful for patriotic holidays when you add bright blue accessories. These tea sets come with 14 pieces. There are 4 cups,4 saucers,1 small tea pot, 1 big tea pot with a lid,1 tea caddy with a lid and a serving tray. Happily, it comes with several excellent reviews.

Rare Children Ceramic Tea Sets

And finally, my favorite of the childrens red tea sets – although it is probably more appropriate for an indoors tea party with the A/C going on a hot summer day, when some ice cold herb tea in the tea pot would taste extra good. Or perhaps outside on a lovely frilly large quilt, with parasols for each of the young ladies. Isn’t this lovely?

These sweet dolls red pin stripe toy tea sets have full size pieces, 18 in all – four cups, saucers, teapot, cream and sugar, and even a tray. This is such a pretty ceramic toy tea set, isn’t it? Sadly, it’s another one that appears to have limited quantities, so if you’re interested, click fast.

Childrens Patriotic Tea Party Ideas with Childrens Toy Teas Sets for Boys Girls

Which is Your Fave?

So, which of these cute kids toy and real tea sets did you like best?


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