Little Girl Tea Party Fun!

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We just received a very fun invitation to an intriguing tea party and it looks like so much fun! Who could resist! So I’ve decided to accept, although it may be a touch tricky, since I am also expecting another adorable grandchild right around the same time period. Then again, what a fun way to keep said grandchild’s older siblings busy while we play together, waiting for the grand announcement of a new sibling!

Cannot wait to share a fun kids toy tea set with this little darlin

Soooo, I think it’s time for Grandma to search for a fun new grand childrens toy tea set for this special tea party. Since it will be with all my little grand-girls, it will be a delightful little girl tea party – perhaps ala Little Women? Doesn’t this adorable Schylling roses childrens tea set seem like the perfect tea set for Amy and Meg from Little Women? Being a child’s tin tea party set, it would probably be perfect for tomboy Jo since she can’t break it. And Beth is always so easy to get along with, she’d be happy with whatever made her sisters happy.

Schylling roses childrens tin toy tea setWhat do you think? Flower? Or should I go with fairies?

Cute toy tea sets girls at Kids Toy Tea Sets

They would certainly be fanciful enough for any Little Girls fanciful Tea Party, don’t you think? We could add some cute fairy wings to their outfits and all be fairies ourselves! That would certainly be a hit with them!

What about a soft cloth child’s tea set that all the ages over 18 months can safely enjoy? I’ll have to get two of them as it’s only a 2-piece place setting, but it’s so cute, it’s definitely worth it! I could even have it embroidered with their last name and Little Women – “Cummings Little Women.” Hmmmmmm….

Adorable soft cloth childs tea set

Perhaps we’d prefer to look at cute children tea sets with a basket!  Here’s a cute miniature child china tea set with sweet red Ladybugs, a basket and a red checkered blanket, all by Schylling. A VERY cute kids tea set basket set!

Cute red miniature child china tea set with ladybugs

I’ll keep you posted – and if you get a new children toy tea set for the party, do tell us about it! 🙂


Cute tea party clip art for a little girl tea party


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