Oh me, oh my, oh my-o-licious! It’s one of my favorite times of the year! It’s time for the most delectable, delightful, and just adorable Mad Hatter tea party that is annually hosted by A Fanciful Twist who always has the best ideas and decorations and guests and pictures and..You’re Invited to the Annual Mad Tea Party-Join My Grandkids and Me, Won’t You. I canNOT wait.

Ann at Childrens Tea Party Sets and Ideas is looking forward to another fun and whimsical Mad Tea Party 2015Hmmmmm, which of the many cute children tea party ideas should I use? After thinking and thinking and looking through so many great ideas, I was irresistibly pulled to work on my own variation of an Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter tea party table. There are so many cute ideas out there. So, to quote my dear old friend, Winnie the Pool, I’m going to think, think, think….and then meet you back here on Saturday, July 11, 2015, for a delightful time of tea party merriment, fantasy, and fun. Join me, won’t you?

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P.P.S. Here’s a hint of what’s to come 🙂

A teeny tiny hint of fun to come with this Alice in Wonderland Paul Cardew design porcelain teapot and tea set and so perfect for my mad hatter tea party ideas



Welcoming you to Childrens Toy Tea Sets and Ideas Mad Tea Party with this Cardew Alice in Wonderland Teapot Tea PotHow fun – it’s time for the Mad Tea Party. Just one problem. The timing for this fun tea party came in between my visits to my  sweet long distance granddaughters who I usually tea party with. And when I asked my grandsons, who used to love our manly (said with a very deep voice) tea parties,

A MANLEY tea cup for sons and grandsons.jpg

I discovered they were quite busy skateboarding, nerf-warring, and sprinkler-hopping with their neighborhood buddies.

My grandsons have outgrown our kids toy tea parties and even these cool shades did not change their minds boost

Even when I tried bribing them with cool disguises, they said they’d “have to take a raincheck.” Something tells me that raincheck may last quite a few years – maybe until they are grown with children or grandchildren of their own and a sweet young lass or grandlass cajoles them into a tea party. I watched my girls do that with their sweet grandpa. ♥♥♥♥

What is a grandma to do when her grandkids are too busy for a childrens toy tea party with a cute indoor outdoor set

Sigh. What’s a grandma to do with a fun tea party coming up and no grand-volunteers for the moment. Aha! I lucked out. It turns out my grandkids’ family was babysitting an adorable little toddler who thought a tea party would be quite delightful. And so it was – for both of us. A tea party with a toddler. I haven’t enjoyed that in some time!

A sweet little toddler spied the cute kids tea set and was as entranced as I had hoped Lens flare.jpg

So off we went to the front porch on a sweet sunlit day full of magical mystery and a cute little plastic indoor outdoor kids tea set to enjoy.

This cute childrens plastic toy tea set was fun for this grandma and the cute little toddler I got to play with.jpg

We had fun setting it up.

my little friend loved getting to take the cute plastic spring and summer toddlers toy tea set home

We enjoyed our faux tea and cookies and we even had a few guests.

Childrens toy tea parties are great for using imagination red

Hmmmmm, Donald doesn’t look very happy. Perhaps he needs some quackers to put a smile on his face.

Pink Fish and animal quackers errr crackers to put a smile on Donalds face

Sun fairies danced around and made the afternoon quite delightful.

My little friend and I enjoyed this fun outside tea party together with one of the teeny tiny little plastic kids toy tea sets with hearts

When all was done, she was enchanted to discover she got to keep this cute kids toy tea set. A fun treat that is just her size and unbreakable – perfect for a tiny toddler whose company I quite enjoyed.

Cute picture of my kids toy tea party and set I used

And now, it’s time to bid you adieu as you continue on your way enjoying tea parties near and far. And who knows, perhaps we shall meet again at your tea party. ♥♥♥♥

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Do you have any of your childhood childrens toy tea sets left? How about a piece or two? That’s my situation. I have a china tea pot we turned into a pincushion but it’s packed away and I’m not sure where it is right now. And I have this sweet cupcake platter that went with it. It was perfect for “hosting” one of my favorite Scriptures. We could easily add, The grass withers, the flower fades, [the child grows up and grows old and will someday be on earth no longer – though forever in heaven,] but the Word of Our God stands forever.

This childrens china tea set from my youth is a great example of this encouraging Scripture.jpg


I love to share the Word of God with my grandchildren and with all of you. Thank you for joining us here at Children’s Tea Party Sets and Ideas for Spiritual Sunday and Pink Saturday.


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