Spring Tea Party Fun With Butterflies, Kites, and More

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Butterflies mean that spring is here - time for the cute kids real and toy tea party sets to move outside as well as inside - shIt’s spring again! The winds gently kissing our cheeks, the dead branches showing new signs of life with petals and leaves about to explode, and the children and grandchildren begging to play outside again after a long winter cooped up inside. Spring means butterflies and dragonflies, flowers blooming, fun with kites flying, balls soaring, and children’s tea parties (for girls and boys) moving outside. Not only that, spring also means it’s time for the Ultimate Blog Party 2013. How can one season contain so much richness? It can’t! It must explode into wondrous bits of fun and memories and sweet joys! Come join in the fun and WELCOME to all of you!

I do love children’s tea parties and toy (and real) tea party sets, don’t you? Both online AND off! For this fun Ultimate Blog Party 2013, I  decided to share ideas for a lovely butterfly tea party for children. I chose a new tea party set I just discovered at Amazon that is perfect for spring time tea party fun.

I love this gorgeous children toy tea set with butterflies and dragonflies flowers and berries and more - perfect for spring and summer tea parties

It’s a Miniature Porcelain Butterfly & Dragonfly Tea Set that is both beautiful and collectible. Its size is petite – perfect for tiny hands or bigger children who love tiny toys. This set includes a teapot, a tray, 2 teacups, 2 saucers, a creamer, and a sugar bowl beautifully decorated with spring flowers, berries, butterflies, and more. Of course, you’d only wash this by hand, just to keep its colors bright.

Can’t you picture the lovely photos you can take of your special little girl or granddaughter and yourself on a lovely warm spring afternoon? Set the outside table with this adorable tea set with little bubble sets by each cup. For my younger grandchildren, I would provide colored construction paper and sparkly colorful butterfly and dragonfly stickers to make fun pictures…

Butterfly and dragonfly stickers make a delightful addition to the cute spring kids toy tea sets for your childrens tea party

For my older grandchildren, butterfly origami would be an exciting new adventure for us.

Origami butterflies make a delightful addition to a spring childrens toy tea party with lovely floral and butterfly tea sets

Either way, what a delight to spend some time together, sipping our tea (juice) and delicately nibbling on sugar cookies and talking of winter past and summer plans to come.

After we finish our tea party and craft, I’ll make sure I have a couple of interesting and colorful books about butterflies to read together. National Geographic Kids is always a wonderful resource with such books as

Caterpillar to butterfly - a fun colorful and educational book to read to our grandchildren after a tea party


Migrations of butterflies - perfect for a childrens tea party with such cute butterfly tea sets

And then we might make our own butterfly kites and run hither and yon, delighting in flying them in the same delectable wind as the butterflies dancing around us on a sunny spring day.
A fun project for a kids tea party after you snacked with the toy tea sets is to make your own kite

What a fun way to spend an afternoon with a sweet child we love so much. And won’t the photos we take be a wonderful treat for decades to come?

Thank you so much for popping in to visit Children’s Tea Party Sets and Ideas. Do come again! And have a lovely Ultimate Blog Party as well as a delightful spring! ♥♥♥♥

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