big or little girl tea party

Are you planning a special big or little girl tea party in the near future? Are you looking for cute tea party clip art to help you with the tea party invitations, games, and decorations? 

Trina Clark & Friends has plenty of cute tea party and other types of clip art and it's all priced very reasonably. In fact, right now there's even a great sale going on! Not only that, her conditions of use are extremely easy and generous, meaning you can use this tea party clip art for personal or commercial purposes. So if you buy it now for a fun girls tea party and, down the road, you decide you'd like to use it for a business purpose, you're probably good to go!

I love the rich colors she uses, along with the wide variety she provides. She's got the deep, dark country colors I like

This is such cute tea party clip art

all the way to the soft pastels my daughter prefers.


Cute tea party clip art for a little girls spring tea party

And her style goes from the unique "Prim country" look I enjoy

This is good tea party clip art for a Little Girls Raggedy Ann tea party

to the more contemporary look my granddaughter loves.

A big girls tea party clip art

Of course, she has lots of very specific and cute tea party clip art.

Tea cups sets for big and little girl tea parties are cute

Trina has over 3000 graphic images on her site and they are all terrific! Perfect for a sweet girls tea party. And if you are having boys? She's got plenty of cute images for boys as well. 


My Grandsons would love this country blue kids tea set

I've been using Trina's tea party and other clip art for several years. The process to order is easy, your tea party clip art will be available to you right away (if you pay with credit card or PayPal) and when I've had questions or needed help, she responds quickly, usually right away or within a couple of days. I really appreciate her excellent service and her high-quality clip art! Whether you are looking just for tea party clip art or for clip art for a wide variety of uses, you will definitely want to pop over to Trina and Friends and check out what she has available!

Do you and your big and little girls enjoy tea party fun? Do they enjoy reading about tea party fun as well? Do you? Have I got an entrancing book for all of you to enjoy!

My girls, grandgirls and I have enjoyed the Victoria magazine and books for years. They are full of delightful photos, wonderful ideas for home decor, and interesting articles to encourage us in our homes. A Victoria Magazine gift subscription is permanently embedded on the Christmas wish list for a couple of special people in my life. It turns out they also have a tea party book, Victoria The Essential Tea Companion: Favorite Menus for Tea Parties and Celebrations.

Victoria Magazine Book on Menu and Other Information for Big and Little Girls Tea Party Fun

They combined the best of three classic Victoria Magazine books into one book that has been completely redesigned. In it you will find "history and lore, advice on brewing the perfect pot, notes on collectible china, and, best of all," menus for eight themed parties, from childrens tea parties to a sweet bridal shower. If you are planning a real tea party for one or more of your children, from princess tea parties to a big or little girls birthday tea party, this book can help you prepare the menu for the tea party, as there are more than "100 recipes for sandwiches, scones, tarts, cakes, savories, breads, and biscuits, as well as flavored teas both hot and iced, and honeys, spreads, and jams."

At a price that is well within my budget, I'm putting this interesting book for a big or little girl tea party on my list for a Christmas gift for a couple of daughters and a young granddaughter! I know they're all going to be thrilled. How about you? 🙂