child’s porcelain tea set

Do your children or grandchildren love dolls? With granddaughters on both coasts, I have plenty of fun little girls who love dolls of all shapes, sizes, and varieties! My nearby granddaughter loves the American Girl Doll and all the accessories. That includes cute American Girl Doll Tea Sets. Did you know you have more than one choice for those? Here is my favorite:

American Girl doll tea sets

This children’s porcelain tea set is geared for an older girls tea party and isn’t it lovely! It’s the perfect size for sharing with her American Girl Doll at tea. If your child will be having other company as well, you’ll want to buy two sets for more cups.

For the opposite coast, I have opposite tastes to juggle – and more than one.

I have granddaughters who love traditional dollies. Since they are younger, I’m thinking a cute plastic tea set in primary colors would be more practical and still just the right size for sharing a cuppa with a favorite baby doll and my cute grand-preschooler. Here’s the Learning Resources Pretend and Play Dish Set. It doesn’t have a tea pot, but otherwise it works great for a kids toy tea set.

Learning Resources Pretend and Play Dish Set is fun for a kids toy tea set

Then I have the horsey lovers. For them, it doesn’t get much better than a My Little Pony Toy Tea Set. I have to say, this is the tiniest kids toy tea set I’ve ever seen and certainly not for children under three. Fortunately, she’s four and doesn’t put things in her mouth, so we’re good. 🙂

My Little Pony Toy Tea Set

I have one little grandgirl who loves Dora and Diego. I think she’s going to grow up to be a scientist! Bet she’ll love this Cute Dora Tea Set! It should work for both the big Dora doll and the little Dora figurines. You will need to supervise younger children with this set, though, as it is also a child’s porcelain tea set.

Dora toy tea set

Finally, there are the Barbie Family fans. I know they would be thrilled with this Barbie Fancy Porcelain Tea Set Basket.

Barbie fancy porcelain toy tea set

My favorite? I’m still loving the American Girl Doll Porcelain Tea Party Sets. I LOVE flowers! 🙂

What about your sweet little girls? Which would they like the best? We’d love to hear. 🙂

Retro childrens tin toy tea sets - very colorfulDo you love vintage? Thanks to grandparents who kept everything and a good friend who taught me how fun home decorating is with older items, my whole family loves almost everything vintage. Of course, that includes any type of delightful vintage tea sets for children.

They can definitely make a great addition to the decor of a child’s room. In fact, if you don’t know what materials were used for a vintage childs tea set, it might be safer to only use them for decoration. They’d be safe and cute up on a knick knack shelf in your child’s bedroom. Some useful resources for hunting for a true child’s vintage tea set include:

Vintage childrens elephant toy tea set

If none of these work out or if you prefer a newer child’s tea set to strive to ensure safety for your children or grandchildren who will be playing with it, there are several cute retro-style childrens tea party sets that look older, but are made of newer and, hopefully, safer materials.

Amazon has a delightful multi-colored child’s porcelain tea set that looks like it came straight from great-grandma’s kitchen.

Schylling colorful kids toy tea sets

If a kids tin tea set is more suited to your home decor, how about this cute Schylling Childrens summer bug tin toy tea set

Retro childrens tin toy tea sets - very colorfulIsn’t it adorable? I love that green combined with the pink! It proves that popular colors and fashions just keep coming back in style as its cute retro look would be great in many of today’s kids bedrooms with their bright colors.

And the best part about these two vintage-style childrens tea sets is that they are made of newer materials. Nowadays, there are no guarantees, but coming from reputable companies, they should be a safer option than the truly vintage childrens tea sets. They’ll look cute decorating your child’s or grandchildren’s bedroom but still should be safe and fun for playing dress up, pretend, and tea party. Sounds like a definite win-win to me. How about you? 🙂