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A delightful chance to use cute kids toy tea sets for the Mad Tea PartyA gladsome Hip Hip Hooray! It’s time, once again, for the fun and slightly crazy excitement of another Mad Tea Party. A Fanciful Twist will be our delightful party host once again and I, for one, cannot wait.

What is a Mad Tea Party, you may ask? Check these out:

Kids Toy Tea Sets Is looking for to the Mad Tea Party at A Fanciful Twist

Don’t forget – come visit Childrens Tea Party Sets and Ideas on July 28 for A Fanciful Twist’s Mad Tea Party and enjoy a lovely time of delightful pictures, great ideas, and lots of kid and grandkid tea party fun!

This cute Summer Infant Tub Time Childrens Toy Tea Party Set is adorable for toddlers in the bathtub or swimming pool


Adorable Childrens Toy Tea Sets for Swimming Pools and Bathtubs

Spring is here with a wide mixture of temperatures from warm to chilly and back to downright hot. It may be a touch early to be thinking of swimming pools, but my grandkids are, thus I am too. So when I spotted these adorable childrens toy tea sets for swimming pools AND bathtubs, I had to share them with you for Pink Saturday.

Each set (for ages 3 and up) comes with a teapot, sugarbowl (including sugar cubes), and two tea cups and are made to float, fill, pour, and just plain have fun in the water with.

Fun childrens tea party ideas can include childrens tea sets that go in the water along with a fun wading pool for summer birthday joy

My first thought about them was to share them with the grandkids when we pull their little wading pools out and fill them. Those are so fun, lightweight, and easy to use that I often get them out in mid-spring if the weather turns warm early like this year. What fun we can have serving “tea” in the pool. For that matter, wouldn’t a grand child have a lovely time sharing this tea set with their favorite dolly. Or maybe the little friend down the street.

Lovely pink balloons to lead the way to the fun childrens tea party with these cute kids toy tea sets

Cute Childrens Tea Party Ideas for This Fun Tea Set

If it’s time for a little grand-girls birthday, I am a big believer in small! One of our favorite childrens tea party ideas is to invite just one or two friends, three at the most  (with two of these children’s tea sets, of course) over, and have them wear their swimsuits. Imagine their huge smiles when they see a table with balloons, pink teapot, and pink cups, along with pink cupcakes and pink iced animal cookies.

Cute rubber duckies in the pool will add to the festive fun of this fun children tea party complete with cute childrens tea sets

Right beside that, a cute child’s swimming pool full of slightly warm water and adorable Happy Party rubber duckies. And on the other side, another table with pink bottles of bubbles, along with bubble wands and blowers. Maybe even some of those cute pink pinwheel bubble spinners, as well.

These Range Kleen cupcake holders are cute and practical - especially for a little girls tea party with tea sets and cupcakes - delicious

After they enjoy the cupcakes and cookies and juice (which is what we put in our tea sets), it’s time for the activities. Bubbles first, as they can be a bit messy. Then its time to head for the pool where they can play with their cute child tea set all over again, in the water. What fun!

Childs Toy Tea Sets That Are Great in Pool AND Bathtub

A great party for all! Then it’s time for the guest(s) to head on home, with a treasure bag full of cute pink candies and more bubbles just for them. And your child or grandchild can continue to enjoy those childrens tea sets all year long – in the pool AND in the bathtub. What fun for all!

This cute Summer Infant Tub Time Childrens Toy Tea Party Set is adorable for toddlers in the bathtub or swimming pool

P.S. Another fun tip about this cute child’s tea set. If you have a child or grandchild who is afraid of having their hair washed, try this. Let them play with the tea set pieces in the tub for a bit. Then when it’s time to wash their hair, make a special game out of rinsing the hair with the tea pot. It might help alleviate their concerns. ♥♥♥♥


Spring is here! Birds are singing, flowers are blooming, butterflies are starting to dance. It’s glorious, isn’t it? Especially for those of us who have been dealing with snow over the last few months. The children are so tired of being cooped up inside and are so ready to enjoy a little girls spring tea party, complete with one of their old or new tea party sets, and so are we! And all looks great, today!

Butterflies on a cute kids tea set make a fun way to greet spring for grandparents and their grandchildren

BUT, as they say, March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb, followed by April showers bring May flowers.

This cute pink umbrella can save the day and the childrens tea party and their new girls tea set from the rain

It may not always be possible for us to go outside – at least, not neatly. On those days when it’s too drippy to go outside, how about enjoying the pleasure of bringing the outside in.

Either way – in or out – I found some butterfly tea sets for children, including this one. Isn’t it the cutest little girls tea set with spring butterflies and flowers all over it? It’s one of those cute and practical tea sets that can go outside OR stay inside. And it just “sings” spring to us, putting a happy smile on all our faces. With 13 cute and tiny pieces, there is enough for four little guests – be they granddaughters or dollies. And just the right size for sweet little hands.

Butterfly Tea sets for children are a delight for grandparents and their grandchildren

I have two little girls tea party ideas for these childrens tea party sets:

  1. In good weather, help my grandchildren to take out a few of their favorite dolls, a lovely quilt blanket, and  one of these delightful childrens tea sets. It’s perfect for a little girls tea party outdoors, perhaps under the shade of one of their lovely, elegant trees.
  2. In drippy weather, we’ll bring the picnic indoors. Taking the same quilt and spreading it out on the living room floor, we’ll decorate the quilt and the room with the little dollies and this cute tea set toy. And since we’re inside and the radio and my computer are in easy reach, we can add the extra pleasure of lovely music. Classical would be perfect for all the little princesses or aspiring ballerinas, don’t you think?

And either way, don’t forget the fun dress up Princess clothes! I know my granddaughters LOVE those! So much fun! I know my granddaughters will love these toy butterfly tea sets, and I bet your adorable grandchildren will, as well. And think of all the sweet family memories you’ll be enjoying for years to come – even in the midst of the next snow storm! ♥♥♥♥

Pretty Purple are great for princess tea sets for children