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Fun summer patriotic tea party decoration ideas can include red white and blue tea towels and balls - they look cute and make nice surprises to send home with the guests
Fun times in the summertime! From watermelon to fireworks, and long lazy sunny days outside, it’s a delightful time for childrens tea party picnics with red, white and blue sets and accessories.
The only problem? Those can be few and far between. I bought some cute red, white and blue tea towels and soft balls for my grandkids,  anticipating I could find a cute childrens tea set to go with them. I did, but it wasn’t easy and many of them are limited in quantity. So if that’s something you are also looking for, let’s get going FAST before they are all gone! ♥♥♥

This is such a pretty red and white childrens miniature tea setCouldn’t you  see your little one playing with one of these very cute red enamelware miniature teapots? So pretty! They come with a set of three 4 ounce cups and three small plates. The diameter of the cups is two inches and they are 1.75 inches tall. The miniature teapots are 7 inches tall and the plates are four inches. The set is made from high quality steel with a porcelain enamel coating. And one of my favorite qualities – they are oven, freezer, and dishwasher safe (though you can NOT use them in the microwave.) Right now, Amazon is showing there are only two of these cute red miniature childrens tea sets left. By the way, one of the really great things about  miniature tea sets is how cute they are as decorations. These would make delightful country kitchen accessories for patriotic decor ideas on a windowshelf or table. ♥♥♥♥


If you are looking for a big girls tea set you might like this bright red and white Kensington tea setIf you’re looking for a big girls tea party set for an older child, you might like this regular tea set that is a lovely red and white – perfect for the summer and delightful for patriotic holidays when you add bright blue accessories. These tea sets come with nine pieces of beautiful and durable stoneware including a 6-cup teapot, 4 tea mugs and 4 adorable tea bag caddies that could easily double as plates. As you might guess, they are dishwasher and microwave safe – always favorites of mine.

And finally, my favorite of the childrens red tea sets – although it is probably more appropriate for an indoors tea party with the A/C going on a hot summer day, when some ice cold herb tea in the tea pot would taste extra good. Or perhaps outside on a lovely frilly large quilt, with parasols for each of the young ladies. Isn’t this lovely?

I love this large red and white children tea party set - how about you

This sweet girls red pin stripe tea set has full size pieces, 18 in all – four cups, saucers, teapot, cream and sugar, and even a tray. Sadly, it’s another one that appears to have limited quantities, so if you’re interested, click fast.

So, which of these cute kids toy and real tea sets did you like best?


This is such a pretty red and white childrens miniature tea set

2.If you are looking for a big girls tea set you might like this bright red and white Kensington tea set

3.I love this large red and white children tea party set - how about you

Let us know by leaving a comment below. ♥♥♥

Do you have an adorable little princess in your house? A preschooler, perhaps, who loves ladybugs, fairies, and cute tiny things that fit perfectly in her tiny royal hands? Are you wracking your brains to think of a unique gift for her that would be fun, cute AND educational? May I suggest one of the many adorable childrens miniature china or porcelain tea party sets? Here is a Ladybug Childrens Toy Tea Set by Schylling Toys that is quite sweet.

Ladybug childrens tea sets are so cute

I love that this child’s porcelain tea set has 13 pieces. So many of the sets only have 2 place settings. This has four, meaning your little princess can entertain three friends, parents, or stuffed animals. 🙂

What’s that you say? “I get that it’s cute, but where does the educational come in?”

When you purchase that miniature childrens tea set as a gift, add to it some fun and interesting tea party books, such as:

Wrap these all up together as a special gift to your little princess. In her card, write out a promise for a special tea party once a week or once a month with mommy and/or daddy. Don’t worry that you’ll forget. Just be sure she keeps her childrens tea set in a special, very visible spot. It will then remind both of you.

At the appointed time each week or month, enjoy some reading time with these books, followed by a pleasant little tea party. Make sure you go out of your way to teach and set an example for your precious little princess of the proper manners and attitude. As you do this over and over, you will accomplish four important things:

  • You’ll be helping to raise a sweet princess who will know proper tea party etiquette in almost every type of situation.
  • You’ll be working to raise a lovely young child who will be comfortable in most settings.
  • You’ll be spending quality time bonding with your precious daughter.
  • You’ll be creating delightful memories you’ll both treasure all your lives.

If you have more than one daughter, I would encourage you to do individual tea parties with each one, to give them their very own “date” time with mom and/or dad. Then have a larger group tea party every few months for special holidays such as Christmas, Mother’s Day, and their birthdays. I’ve learned, the bigger the family, the harder it is to find quality time with busy parents. By taking this simple kids tea party and combining it with an interesting story time and subtle manners lessons, you’ll have so many good incentives, it will help you stick to it.

Fast forward 20 years, when your wee princess is all grown up and comfortable in almost any social setting and you’ll be so glad you did AND that you have such precious memories of sweet princess tea parties with their miniature porcelain tea sets and them. And if you have a little prince, be sure to read Tea Party Ideas with Kids Toy Tea Sets for Your Little Princes. 🙂