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Planning a fun Little Girl Tea Party for the Mad Tea Party 2010I’m so excited!
It’s that special time of year again. You and I have been invited to join in on the fun of the annual Mad Tea Party being hosted by A Fanciful Twist. Last year, I attended with my post, Children’s Tea Party Sets and Ideas Is Enjoying a Touch of Grandma Madcap Fun and Grandchildren Glee 2010. But what to do this year? That was the question.

I considered various pink tea sets for children like this adorable Fisher Price childrens tea set for a little girls tea party. Would you believe, it’s educational! It helps you teach your little baby about numbers, shapes, opposites, manners, greetings and more. It even plays music. How fun. But it’s not quite what I was looking for. So I kept looking…

Adorable pink childrens tea sets for little girlsNow here’s a sweet and slightly more elegant older childrens tea set – isn’t it lovely? Delicate pink. Fine china. It’s only a two-piece setting but you can buy more pieces. Because it is breakable, it is for children 8 and up and becoming hard to find. It’s definitely closer to what I was thinking of for this special little girls tea party, but not quite….

I love this older girls tea party set - its a special childrens pink china tea set

Ahhh, now this is just what I was looking for. Already a favorite of mine, it’s a bit nicer for the older childrens tea party ideas but it’s not one of the breakable toy tea sets. In fact, it’s made of tin – so it’s a cute, pink, retro-style childrens tea set that all my grandkids can enjoy, from the older girls on down to the tiniest, and none have to fear breaking pieces. Perfect for grandmas like me with oodles of cute grandkids who are almost all three years old and up (which are the perfect ages for this delightful kids tea set.)

childrens toy tin tea set - this is perfect for the Mad Tea Party - it encompasses all the ages of my grandchildren

The tray in this set is 9-1/2″ x 6-1/4.” Besides the tray, there are 4 plates, 4 cups and saucers, and a teapot with a lid. Since I have so many grandkids, I’ll probably use two of these tin toy tea sets. If we have any extras, the girls’ dollies will gladly share with them.


Now that I have the childrens tea set picked out, I know what my “decor” will be – flowers and fairies! And won’t that be a thrill for my little granddaughters, as they do love them both. All kinds of them.

Staring with these sweet pink tulips to go with the adorable pink children tin tea sets, and some scrumptious goodies. What more could little girls want for their tea party ideas?

Sweet pink tulips, adorable pink childrens tin tea sets, and scrumptious goodies - what more could little girls want for their tea party ideas

Oooooh, I do believe I see a cute little fairy and her tea sets for fairies and children hiding deep in this pink flower. Do you?

Oooooh, I do believe I see a cute little fairy and her kids toy tea sets hiding deep in this pink flower - do you

Oh my, it looks like this lovely tulip has already taken off – perhaps with a cute little fairy in tow.

This lovely tulip has already taken off - with a cute little fairy princess and her children tea set in tow

Don’t you love these pink flowers? They look like cute decorations for our little girls tea party.

Love these pink flowers - they look like cute decorations for our little girls tea party complete with pink flower kids toy tea set

Even this lovely pink tree wants to join in. And can you see all the lovely twinkly fairy lights? I do believe all the cute little fairy girls are busily preparing for the party – delightful!

Even this lovely pink tree wants to join in - and can you see all the lovely twinkly fairy lights as the cute little fairy girls each prepare their own tea set for the party - delightful

Hmmmm, shall we spread out a lovely fairy picnic blanket in the meadow and enjoy our cute tin tea set in a natural setting…

Hmmmm, shall we spread out a quilt in the meadow and spread out our cute Schylling kids tin tea set

Or shall we set up the pretty pink kids princess table and chair sets?

How about a couple of these adorable pink princess kids table and chair sets - adorably adorableAhhh, nature and the fairies win today

Disney fairies via Kids Toy Tea Sets
Of course, we need to add some yummies, like these delightful, delicious, and delectable cupcakes in their cute cupcake holder.

Lovely cupcakes go wonderfully with our kids toy tea sets - tiny slices will fit nicely on the platesAnd who are some of the fairies who will be joining my cute granddaughters for this little girls tea party? Why some of their adorable and very sturdy Schleich enchanted fairies, of course! Isn’t she cute?

Schleich enchanted fairies figurines are much loved by all my grandchildren

And now, it’s time for the grandchildren to come!

“Bring on those cute flowered childrens tea sets. I’m all ready grandma.”

Its time for the little girls tea party to start - bring on the kids tin tea set - I am ready grandma

How fun! One of my granddaughters brought her friend, the rainbow snowman. Perfect for this very special little girls tea party.

One of my granddaughters even brought a rainbow snowman - perfect for this very special little girls tea party

Another granddaughter chose to fly in for the tea party via airplane.

Ahhh - my sweet granddaughter crafted her own plane just to fly in for this fun little girls tea party complete with grand children flowers fairies and a cute tin tea set.jpg

While a third granddaughter arrived to our little girls tea party via bubbles. I do believe I spy some fairies in the bubbles. Do you?

And this granddaughter arrived to our little girls tea party via bubbles - I think I may spy some fairies in the bubbles - do you

Ahhh, a special treat. One of my youngest grandchildren has come to join us. I’m so glad I chose the unbreakable kids toy tea set!

Ahhh - a special treat - one of my youngest grandkids to join us - glad I chose the unbreakable kids toy tea sets

How sweet – this granddaughter arrived with Cally, her pet caterpillar. Perfect for a Mad Tea Party!

How sweet - this granddaughter arrived with Cally her caterpillar



Hooray! We’re all set. Now it’s time to visit A Fanciful Twist to see what scrumptious goodies she’s got for us this year. Last year’s was amazing, and I can’t wait! Thank you so much for popping by. Have a delightful day full of childrens laughter, tea a’plenty, and don’t forget to set a spell before you head on off. From Ann and Children’s Tea Party Sets and Ideas – a lovely adieu to you!  ♥♥♥

P.S. Don’t forget to join us for the Mad Tea Party next year, as well. ♥♥♥

Spring is here! Birds are singing, flowers are blooming, butterflies are starting to dance. It’s glorious, isn’t it? Especially for those of us who have been dealing with snow over the last few months. The children are so tired of being cooped up inside and are so ready to enjoy a little girls spring tea party, complete with one of their old or new tea party sets, and so are we! And all looks great, today!

Butterflies on a cute kids tea set make a fun way to greet spring for grandparents and their grandchildren

BUT, as they say, March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb, followed by April showers bring May flowers.

This cute pink umbrella can save the day and the childrens tea party and their new girls tea set from the rain

It may not always be possible for us to go outside – at least, not neatly. On those days when it’s too drippy to go outside, how about enjoying the pleasure of bringing the outside in.

Either way – in or out – I found some butterfly tea sets for children, including this one. Isn’t it the cutest little girls tea set with spring butterflies and flowers all over it? It’s one of those cute and practical tea sets that can go outside OR stay inside. And it just “sings” spring to us, putting a happy smile on all our faces. With 13 cute and tiny pieces, there is enough for four little guests – be they granddaughters or dollies. And just the right size for sweet little hands.

Butterfly Tea sets for children are a delight for grandparents and their grandchildren

I have two little girls tea party ideas for these childrens tea party sets:

  1. In good weather, help my grandchildren to take out a few of their favorite dolls, a lovely quilt blanket, and  one of these delightful childrens tea sets. It’s perfect for a little girls tea party outdoors, perhaps under the shade of one of their lovely, elegant trees.
  2. In drippy weather, we’ll bring the picnic indoors. Taking the same quilt and spreading it out on the living room floor, we’ll decorate the quilt and the room with the little dollies and this cute tea set toy. And since we’re inside and the radio and my computer are in easy reach, we can add the extra pleasure of lovely music. Classical would be perfect for all the little princesses or aspiring ballerinas, don’t you think?

And either way, don’t forget the fun dress up Princess clothes! I know my granddaughters LOVE those! So much fun! I know my granddaughters will love these toy butterfly tea sets, and I bet your adorable grandchildren will, as well. And think of all the sweet family memories you’ll be enjoying for years to come – even in the midst of the next snow storm! ♥♥♥♥

Pretty Purple are great for princess tea sets for children

Do you and your big and little girls enjoy tea party fun? Do they enjoy reading about tea party fun as well? Do you? Have I got an entrancing book for all of you to enjoy!

My girls, grandgirls and I have enjoyed the Victoria magazine and books for years. They are full of delightful photos, wonderful ideas for home decor, and interesting articles to encourage us in our homes. A Victoria Magazine gift subscription is permanently embedded on the Christmas wish list for a couple of special people in my life. It turns out they also have a tea party book, Victoria The Essential Tea Companion: Favorite Menus for Tea Parties and Celebrations.

Victoria Magazine Book on Menu and Other Information for Big and Little Girls Tea Party Fun

They combined the best of three classic Victoria Magazine books into one book that has been completely redesigned. In it you will find "history and lore, advice on brewing the perfect pot, notes on collectible china, and, best of all," menus for eight themed parties, from childrens tea parties to a sweet bridal shower. If you are planning a real tea party for one or more of your children, from princess tea parties to a big or little girls birthday tea party, this book can help you prepare the menu for the tea party, as there are more than "100 recipes for sandwiches, scones, tarts, cakes, savories, breads, and biscuits, as well as flavored teas both hot and iced, and honeys, spreads, and jams."

At a price that is well within my budget, I'm putting this interesting book for a big or little girl tea party on my list for a Christmas gift for a couple of daughters and a young granddaughter! I know they're all going to be thrilled. How about you? 🙂