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A delightful chance to use cute kids toy tea sets for the Mad Tea Party

Welcome back! I’m so glad you’re here to discover just exactly what my grandkids and I ended up doing with our new toy tea sets for the Mad Tea Party at A Fanciful Twist on Saturday, July 28.

My cute grand children loved these two cute kids toy tea sets

I decided to make this a “Mad Hatter and Other Accessories” tea party for girls AND boys. That way, all the grandkids in our family could help me celebrate this year’s Mad Tea Party.

And this granddaughter arrived to our little girls tea party via bubbles - I think I may spy some fairies in the bubbles - do you

I went to the Dollar Tree and bought one or two each of a wide variety of fun items like a patriotic hat, princess tiaras, transformer party hats, flower hair clips, a princess scepter and tutu, a scientist’s magnifying glass, an FBI equipment kit, an alligator head “hat,” a microphone, a megaphone, and more!

Fun goodies for the children made a delightful prelude to our Mad Hatter Tea Party for boys and girls

When it was party time, I spread all the items out on the table and explained the rules of our “party game.” Each time I said “Mad Hatter,” all the kids hurried over to pick out 1-4 items to wear. Then I gave a camera to one grandchild – rotating turns each time – and we both snapped merrily away, capturing such fun photo poses.

Ms Alligator enjoyed her patriotic hat and the cute microphone at our Childrens Mad Hatter Tea Party Extraordinaire with cute tea tea sets for kids
They had such a delightful time. It was one of the favorite games that we’ve ever played, was enjoyed by all for well over an hour, and I suspect it will become an annual tradition. After all the grandchildren had enjoyed a wide variety of hat and costume fun, and we’d snapped hundreds of photos with the digital camera, it was time for:

The Mad Hatter Tea Party Extraordinaire 2012! To be continued…


And until then – a happy Pink Saturday.


A delightful chance to use cute kids toy tea sets and teapot clipart and tea party dishes and clip art for the Mad Tea Party copy

Oh happy day! It’s time for one of my favorite blog party events of the year – the Mad Tea Party hosted annually by A Fanciful Twist.

Kids Toy Tea Sets Is looking for to the Mad Tea Party at A Fanciful Twist

I had been trying to think of some fun and special tea party ideas for my grandkids and me but life has been so busy, I hadn’t had the time to really focus on it.

Love this Alice in Wonderland kitchen clock - so cute for a Mad Hatter Tea Party Extraordinaire 2012

Then I spotted some fun and new-to-me kids toy tea sets at Walmart. They were so cute I just had to buy them. I especially loved the colors in this set. It was so bright and cheerful! Best of all, the colors in these tea sets are great for both little girls and boys.

Delicious Boutique childrens porcelain tea sets are good for little girls and boys

And oh my, aren’t these miniature Disney Princess tea sets adorable? I knew my grandchildren (and their dolls) would be as thrilled with it as me.

Childrens Disney Princess miniature toy tea sets are so cute and even have it all in the tea pot complete with key chain

Well, now I had the children’s toy tea sets but the ideas for the tea party still hadn’t gelled. So I thought and I thought….and I thought….And…

What direction did the Mad Tea Party 2012 go in for my grandkids now that I have the childrens toy tea sets picked out


…be sure to check back in a few days to discover just what cute childrens tea party ideas I came up with and how I incorporated these sweet new kids toy tea sets with those plans. ♥♥♥♥

Oh my goodness. I have found the cutest tea set for summer. I have to tell you, though, it’s NOT a kids toy tea set. BUT if you enjoy letting your children or grandchildren use your tea sets for special treats, this would be so much fun!

Even though this is not a kids toy tea set you and your children would have fun with this cute ceramic and collectible teapot and tea cup set

Can you imagine taking this to a summer tea party? It would definitely be delightful for a centerpiece. Not to mention what fun memories you and your kids and grandkids will enjoy, serving tea from a corn on the cob tea pot. It’s definitely a cute and collectible ceramic teapot and tea cups set, don’t you think?