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The time has come-to talk of many things-of a little boy tea party and set and a little girls tea party and childrens tea set - of fairies and fun and things.jpg

In the book, Through the Looking Glass, by Lewis Carrol, which is another story about the famous Alice and her Wonderland, there is a poem called The Walrus and the Carpenter. It has a verse I love to quote, with slight changes each time to make it appropriate to each new situation. It seemed especially perfect for this wonderfully sweet, mad, mysterious moment in time:

“The time has come,” the Walrus said,

“To talk of many things:

Of shoes–and ships–and sealing-wax–

Of a little boys tea party

With a mismatched childrens tea set and things…

I must say, I have had such a delightful time over the past few weeks, visiting grandchildren near and far, having one little boys or girls tea party after another, and snapping photos like you wouldn’t believe! I think I’ve taken more pictures in the last month than I have all year long – both for our family album and for this, my Childrens Tea Party Sets and Ideas “Touch of Grandma Madcap Fun and Grandchildren Glee 2010.” It’s been great, and the grandchildren and I have created so many special memories in the process. That, of course, is the most important part of it all.

Kids Toy Tea Sets otherwise known as Childrens Tea Party Sets and Ideas is joining in the fun at the Mad Tea Party 2010 at A Fanciful Twist

However, this being the time for the Mad Tea Party 2010 at A Fanciful Twist, it does behoove us to say many thanks to A Fanciful Twist for this very fun time, and share some of the delight with all of you, although, after several hours of cutting, pasting, fixing, editing, writing, and rearranging, there’s so so so many more pictures. I can tell we’ll be having fun for months to come. But for now, without further adieu…

The fun started earlier this week with a peaceful, quiet Sweet Tea Sunday. Then we enjoyed a vibrantly red childrens tea party with a bright red tea set for Rednesday. And now, the official moment we’ve been looking forward to since we read the fun invitation from A Fanciful Twist for the Mad Tea Party 2010, and it begins with my little grandsons. They went on a busy tea treasure hunt and found all sorts of intriguing creatures who wanted to join us for a little boys tea party with a little boys mismatched tea set…

There was the mysterious tea cup and tea pot, complete with fuzzy moustache…

A fun childrens tea set full of smiles is perfect for one of our children's tea parties

Followed by the cheerful dinosaurs…

What little boys tea party and tea set would be complete without inviting the dinosaur family to join in the celebration

And don’t forget Ms. Frog! I think she thinks she’s late…

Ms Frog came to our childrens tea party to enjoy the little boy mismatched tea setNot to mention…our special guest, Ms. Gingerbread troll toy doll…

A cute gingerbread troll doll sent herself as a postcard in order to visit the tea party and loved the childrens tea setsSo much fun, so much laughter, so many special memories. But it was time to bid the boys ta ta, for now. Not for long but…

And once again…

“The time has come,” the Walrus said,

“To talk of many things:

Of shoes–and ships–and sealing-wax–

Of a little girls tea party or two

With childrens tea sets and things…

It was now time to move on to a new locale. I joined up with Fairy Princess Penelope…

Ladybug fairies came to drink from adorable childrens tea sets

and Fair Princess Purplopia and their entire fairy family…


Lavendar butterfly fairies visited and enjoyed tea in the cute childrens tea set too

..to travel to my granddaughters to explore their favorite childrens tea sets and party ideas….

First it was a kids Pooh Bear toy tea set…

With a somewhat happy Eeyore…

Eyeores having help - good tea party etiquette all around and the shining joy to prove it

Followed by Pooh himself who was having a grand old time with his silly old bear tea party games…

Pooh seems a bit bemused at whats happened to his childrens tea set

We even enjoyed some beary tasty teddy grahams…

This was a beary fun tea party with a Winnie the Pooh childrens tea set and teddy grahams to munch on

Then, my granddaughters and I heard from the royal animals and their great leader…

These wanderers brought news of the little girls tea party complete with adorable childrens tea sets

They informed us it was time for one of their delightful princess tea parties, complete with a childrens princess tea set…

A childrens tea set fit for princesses tea parties

And, of course, a royal sceptre…

All princesses at princess tea parties need a royal sceptre

We musn’t forget the royal tea party etiquette, lovely ball gowns, and the proper attire, from the crowns

A tiny crown for a tiny princess with a tiny childrens tea set

To the royal slippers…

Fairy princesses of all sizes came to our little girls tea party

And plenty of guests to go all around! They had so much fun, they couldn’t wait til after the party to send us a copy of the photo they took – they emailed it to us in the midst of the fun!

Fun childrens tea party ideas can include simple dancing games

My favorite guest, by far, was this cheerful fellow, busy balancing his childrens tea set pieces very carefully and minding all his tea party etiquette “Ps and Qs.”

I think this big bear was my favorite guest at our little girls  tea party and his etiquette was impeccable

There was so much more my grandchildren and I wanted to do, but one last time…

“The time has come,” the Walrus said,

“To talk of many things:

Of shoes–and ships–and sealing-wax–

Of washing up the childrens tea set cups and saucers

And putting them all away,

Of sleepily sharing with mums and dads

The fun and special memories of each and every day

But someday soon, we’ll do it again

And, ohhhh, the fun it will be

A Children’s Tea Party set,

several adorable grandchildren….

And you…

and me….

I love this tea party clip art of a Kids Tea Set Tea Cup

Don’t you love combining cute kid tea sets and cute kids? Me too! My grandsons came over today and we had such a good time together. I pulled out my fun mismatched “kids” toy tea set made up of a whole bunch of different, unique, and somewhat collectible teacups and teapots, including this

Love unique teapots like this adorable Hallmark teapot

They’re all old, some are chipped, and we had so much fun with them as we didn’t have to worry about them. The grandkids and I put ice water in the teapots and they thoroughly enjoyed pouring the “tea” from the teapot into the teacups of this “faux” toy tea set.

With all three boys over, I didn’t worry about tea party etiquette. We just laughed and drank “tea” and took lots of pictures.

Fun tea cups and unique teapots make a delightful mismatched kids tea set for fun
I save the fancier tea party fun, and the nicer kids toy tea sets like this 13 piece porcelain childrens tea set, for those times I have just one grandson over. Don’t you love its vibrant colors? And since it’s not all girly and pink, it’s a perfect tea set for a big or little boys and girls tea party as well as delightful for aloneness times with one grandchild and myself.

Schylling colorful kids toy tea sets

That gives us a special time to work on manners, tea party etiquette, and create special memories, just the two of us.

How about you? Are you braver than me or do you prefer one on one tea parties with the younger ages as well?

Don’t you love Raggedy Ann and Andy Dolls? They’ve been a party of my family for decades. I still remember the time my mom dressed my brother and me up in Raggedy Andy and Raggedy Ann for Halloween. When my first child was just a baby, her grandparents gave her an adorable Raggedy Ann Doll. They go even further back than that though. I found a fascinating history of first the Raggedy Ann and then the Raggedy Andy dolls, dating back to their creation over 93 years ago! Talk about a heartwarming history!

Raggedy Ann and Andy have always been cute, in all the different variations they’ve taken over the years. Did you know you can even find some really sweet kids toy tea sets with the Raggedy Ann and Andy motif?

Here’s a Raggedy Ann set from Schylling. Isn’t this adorable? 🙂


Raggedy Ann childrens toy tea set from Schylling


This is a Raggedy Ann & Andy Dolls – Kids Toy Tea Set from a third party going through Amazon. I like it, but I will caution you that it does not carry Amazon’s A-Z guarantee. That being said, though, I would think Amazon’s carrying them is a very good sign. 🙂

Raggedy Ann and Andy Dolls - Kids Toy Tea Set

Amazon has a Vintage-style Raggedy Ann Little Girls Tea Party Book available used with prices ranging from $4 and $24 plus shipping/handling. If this is something you are interested in, I’d click right away. These are definitely cute! They include tea party etiquette rules, ideas for tea party invitations, including tea party invitation wording, along with menu ideas for a tea party. How fun is that!

Vintage Raggedy Ann Little Girls Tea Party Book

Speaking of tea party invitations, how about some vintage or “primitive” Raggedy Ann tea party clip art? Trina & Friends has several great Raggedy Ann images like:

This tea party clip art is perfect for a Raggedy Ann Christmas or Birthday little girls tea party OR Primitive Raggedy Ann images make cute tea party clip art for a Raggedy Ann little girls birthday tea party

With all these sweet Raggedy Ann kids tea party sets and little girls tea party accessories, you and your little girls should have a very delightful tea party time together.