tea set for boys

Don’t you love combining cute kid tea sets and cute kids? Me too! My grandsons came over today and we had such a good time together. I pulled out my fun mismatched “kids” toy tea set made up of a whole bunch of different, unique, and somewhat collectible teacups and teapots, including this

Love unique teapots like this adorable Hallmark teapot

They’re all old, some are chipped, and we had so much fun with them as we didn’t have to worry about them. The grandkids and I put ice water in the teapots and they thoroughly enjoyed pouring the “tea” from the teapot into the teacups of this “faux” toy tea set.

With all three boys over, I didn’t worry about tea party etiquette. We just laughed and drank “tea” and took lots of pictures.

Fun tea cups and unique teapots make a delightful mismatched kids tea set for fun
I save the fancier tea party fun, and the nicer kids toy tea sets like this 13 piece porcelain childrens tea set, for those times I have just one grandson over. Don’t you love its vibrant colors? And since it’s not all girly and pink, it’s a perfect tea set for a big or little boys and girls tea party as well as delightful for aloneness times with one grandchild and myself.

Schylling colorful kids toy tea sets

That gives us a special time to work on manners, tea party etiquette, and create special memories, just the two of us.

How about you? Are you braver than me or do you prefer one on one tea parties with the younger ages as well?

Learning tea party etiquette while having fun with your children’s tea parties is a great way to turn this special time into an excellent educational opportunity as well. But that’s not just true for little princesses. Little princes relish a fun tea time with their own special childrens tea sets for boys. And learning proper and polite manners is just as important for little boys as little girls. Think of Prince William and Prince Harry. They are both quite handsome and rugged young men, but I bet they take high tea with their Queen grandma quite properly!  🙂

Of course, cute little miniature children’s tea sets probably wouldn’t be your first choice with your little prince, even if he does like lady bugs. But what about these:

A rugged Plan Wooden Toy Tea Set

Wooden Toy Tea Set for boys


Here’s a couple of bright primary-color kids toy tea sets, such as Dantoy Tea Time tea set for boys or

Dan-Toy tea time kids toy tea sets are great for a little girls or boys tea party

this colorful kids tea set from Learning Resources (note – there is no tea pot),

Learning Resources Pretend and Play Dish Set is fun for a kids toy tea set

or even this colorful kids toy tea set.

Schylling colorful kids toy tea setsAny of these tea sets would work well as an appropriate childrens tea set fit for a prince. To these you can add tea party books appropriate for little boys, such as:

Just as with the little princesses, having a regular time at least once a month alone with your little prince, to enjoy some tea time fun while practicing good tea party (and life in general) etiquette, will pay off handsomely in good manners, a good attitude, and a plenty of delightful memories that will last a lifetime.

How about you? Have you found any great kids tea sets or tea party books perfect for boys? We’d love to hear about them. 🙂