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Autumn is quickly approaching. The days are getting just a wee bit shorter. The nights are coming earlier. And children and grand kids everywhere are still enjoying the fun of a tea party with their cute childrens toy tea sets. But now’s the perfect time to think ahead to the glories of fall when picking out a fresh new tea set for your sweet children. And yes! I have a couple of fun ones to share with you for this season of autumn, in addition to the unique green pumpkin teapots and cups I shared with you in A Fun Little Girls Tea Party Book And Her Children’s Real Tea Party Sets.

These lovely larger autumn colored toy tea sets for children are great for big and little girls AND boysThis simple children’s porcelain toy tea set:

  • Has great colors for fall
  • Is very old fashioned. Just like Great-Grandma used to play with!
  • Uses a different color for each cup (there could be some difference in the colors when the set arrives), as well as the cream and sugar and the teapot.
  • Is a 13 piece porcelain set that includes 4 cups, 4 saucers, a teapot with a lid, a sugar bowl with a lid, and a creamer.
  • Is so nice as it is a little bigger than some – the tea cups measure 1 1/4″ tall!
  • May really be used for drinking liquids!

These lovely autumn colored toy tea sets for children are great for big and little girls AND boysIsn’t it fun! Don’t you love childrens tea sets that are bigger? They are so nice for older children as well as younger ones, all of whom love to play tea party with both their dolls and their little friends. (Of course, since this is breakable AND has small parts, it is not for children under three years.) ♥♥♥ AND with these colors, they make perfect children’s teas sets for little boys as well as little girls. That can be such a fun way to teach all of our children and grandchildren, boys as well as girls, nice table manners while creating sweet family memories. Mine have each enjoyed several over the years! And don’t forget that digital camera for lots of fun photos!

Another delightful fall option are these adorable, unique, and – dare I say, collectible – teapots. Each teapot comes with two tea cups. I love them! They are so cute, aren’t they? And perfect for those special moments with just you and one child or grandchild. A few quiet moments to talk about treasures, treats, and holiday surprises.While not traditional childrens tea sets your grandkids would LOVE this pumpkin tea set with such unique tea pot and two cups - perfect for some aloneness time with grandma or grandpa The ceramic fall pumpkin teapot has a sunflower lid and adorable tea mugs and is by Winston Brands. Think what cute photos this would make of your special time together. For that matter, wouldn’t these make lovely autumn decorations and centerpieces for your kitchen or dining room? A handy way to store them when you’re not actively using them.   ♥♥♥

(update – June – Currently, Amazon is out of stock for the ceramic fall pumpkin tea set – so sad! But I’m leaving the paragraph and if they add it back, I’ll relink to it. In the meantime, you might also want to check out their green mini pumpkin tea set that looks adorable for children or the delightful pumpkin-colored glazed tea set – though there are no cups to go with the teapot. It would make a lovely autumn decoration and also be great for photos.)

These are definitely two fun autumn choices for us to enjoy with our sweet children or grandchildren as we sit down together with these delightful childrens tea sets. Which one do you like best?

Welcome to Kids Toy Tea Sets’ latest Rednesday post. 🙂  Today, I started out having some silly fun with one of my darlin’ grandkids

Activities for grandparents and their grandchildren can range from red balls to red childrens tea sets all in the same day

And ended the day with some sweet, sublime, and special memories of a fun little boys tea party, using a casual, “mismatched” children’s tea set.

Not sure if he is a nursery rhymes Humpty Dumpty or a snowman teapot - but he sure is cute

I love memories like these to savor down through the years, don’t you?

You can find more fun and colorful photos with LOTS of RED for Rednesday at It’s A Very Cherry World as well as more adorable pix at 5 Minutes For Mom.

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