Think Pink! Childrens Princess Tea Party Sets and Ideas! A Disney Tea Set…Or Three

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Cute-pink-princess-clipart-via-Childrens-Tea-Party-Sets-and-IdeasThanks in large part to Disney, I suspect, our little girls and granddaughters are often enthralled with everything PRINCESS. Naturally, that includes fun and adorable princess toy and real tea party ideas and sets.

My grandchildren are no exception and we’ve all enjoyed plenty of fun with our little girl pink princess tea parties. Today being a lovely Pink Saturday, it seems like a fun topic to explore, don’t you think? And I have to tell you, I have so many fun ideas, it will take me two or three posts to share them all with you!

Children’s Princess Toy Tea Sets

Of course, a childrens tea party must start with a cute children’s toy tea set. And I found three fun Disney princess tea sets for this.

First, is a little girls tea set that has been around for awhile, because it is so popular with the young and the young at heart. My grandchildren thoroughly enjoyed this adorable Disney Pink Princess toy tea set and I’m so glad they continue releasing them. Who knows, maybe our great-grandchildren will someday enjoy them as well!

It’s a 17-piece toy tea set that comes complete with a teapot and sugar bowl with lids, a creamer, four tea cups and sauces, and four spoons.

Disney Pink Princess Little Girls Tea Party Sets - my granddaughters loved this set

If you’d like a bigger tea set instead, or more pieces to add to the princess tea set, they also have a coordinating dinnerware set that is quite adorable. This one is a 30 piece set that includes a teapot, creamer, and sugar bowl – all  with lids, four cute tea cups and saucers, four plates – perfect for holding a pink princess cupcake, and four each of knives, spoons, and forks.

As you can see from the pictures, the shapes are not the same. Either works fine for the little kids as stand-alone toy tea sets but for large families, or a big party, it might be fun to mix and match them.

A nice addition to the Disney Princess toy tea sets are these cute dinnerware sets that also include a tea set plus extra dishes and other such items

Big Girls Disney Princess Porcelain Tea Set

For those granddaughters who have outgrown this cute set but have not outgrown their love for the Disney princesses, take a peek at this exquisite girls porcelain tea set. It’s definitely not a toy tea set for the very young unless you supervise quite closely. But isn’t it gorgeous! I know quite a few grown-ups who would also love this set!

These Lenox Fine Porcelain Disney Princess tea sets are for the older - very careful - girls and grandgirls in our family

These Lenox fine porcelain princess tea sets for children each have a teapot with three of the Disney princesses on it, along with two demi tea cups.  The teapot is five inches high and holds two cups. Each of the tea cups for this lovely set for older children is two inches high and can hold two ounces.

This would definitely be a special gift for a daughter or granddaughter who has started a collection of tea sets. I would probably get two sets but only use it for extra special Princess parties of 2-3 responsible older girls. Alternatively, you could give this a gift for their room and party decor, and use one of the cute but less fragile toy tea sets for the actual party fun.

Another unique idea for this delightful set is for your child to give it as a gift to a special grandmother for Mother’s Day, Christmas or her birthday along with an “IOU” for monthly tea parties together. Wouldn’t that put a huge smile on both faces!

More Ideas for Childrens Pink Princess Toy Tea Sets

Some other childrens tea sets that I’ve shared in the past would also work well for a fun princess tea party including Three Little Girls Tea Party Sets With Baskets for Your Sweet Easter Family Memories and Cute Butterfly Childrens Tea Sets Mean Spring Fun for You and Your Grandchildren, Even If It Rains

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