Think Pink! Childrens Princess Tea Party Sets and Ideas, Games and Activities

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Princess tea party ideas and toy tea sets are fun for our children and grandchildrenWelcome back to more in the series Think Pink! Childrens Princess Tea Party Sets and Ideas! Now that we have several cute toy tea sets to pick from, it’s time to continue on with our fun tea party ideas by planning some pink princess games and activities. Like…

1. Remember the popular kids’ game, Pin the Tail on the Donkey? Here’s an updated Princess version that your child or grandchild will definitely take personally – in the most positive of ways. Before the party, take big roll of paper, like the Melissa & Doug Easel paper roll, unroll it a bit and have her lay on it. Then you trace around her whole body. After that, it’s time for her to decorate it however she likes, with plenty of pink of course. Make sure she colors in her hair on the paper BUT puts nothing on the hair.

Print out several copies of this cute princess crown clipart – at least two per guest.

Princess crown clipart makes a great addition to cute princess kids toy tea sets and party ideas

During the party, have the children each decorate their own crowns. Set one aside for later. Take the other crown and use it to play Pin the Crown on the Princess, using the paper trace you made of your little one. We like to use scotch tape rather than thumbtacks to attach it. Double-sided scotch tape works especially well. You just put one piece on the back of each crown, twirl them three times, and watch them have fun connecting crown to paper princess.

Princess bubble bottles go great with princess clipart and kids toy tea sets

2. Bubble Sceptors. – Provide each visiting princess with a bottle of bubbles like these cute princess bubbles or any type of bubble bottle along with a long bubble wand. Enjoy the delight of all the bubbles wafting around the children as they wave their “royal sceptors.”

3. After they are done with the bubbles and all is dry around them, it’s time to prepare their royal crowns. Using precut strips of pink construction paper (depending on the age of the girls, you made need to attach two strips together), have them attach the second of the crowns they decorated earlier to the middle of the paper strips with scotch tape or staples. Then provide sequins, stickers, buttons, and glitter so they can add little “jewels” that can be glued on with regular glue or you can help them with a hot glue gun.

Sequins will look cute on your princess crown clipart

4. If you have someone assisting you and a fast printer, take a picture of each princess. While they are enjoying the tea party, have your partner take the photos in, upload them to the computer, use a photo editor like to save them as a coloring page, then print them out for the children to color. For example, I used to turn this cute princess clipart (wouldn’t it be delightful for the invitations?)…

This pink princess and crown clipart is very cute for decorating your invites and goes well with just about any pink kids toy tea sets

into this adorable princess coloring page

Princess clipart - cute childrens toy tea sets - fun games - yummy food - a lovely tea party

If that isn’t an option for your party, you can always print these princess clipart coloring pages out for them to decorate, after they’ve had an enjoyable time with their cute childrens toy tea sets, a delicious cupcake or three, and some sparkling juice “tea.”

When it’s time for each little princess to head home, send them on their happy way with a lovely gift bag full of goodies. I often like to get my bags at the Dollar store as they usually have such great choices to pick from or you can order princess goodie bag sets online. To do it yourself, I would suggest:

  • More bubbles
  • A giant ring
  • Some candy – maybe in the shape of a ring
  • Princess stickers
  • Cute little bracelets
  • Their coloring page
  • Pink polka-dot balloons

Pink Polka Dot balloons for your pink princess tea party ideas

Most important of all, have a lovely time, enjoy all your delightful new family memories, and snap lots of great photos. You and your little one will treasure the pictures of this adorable Princess tea party, complete with a very cute childrens tea set, for decades to come.




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