Vintage Childrens Tea Party Sets – Old and Not So Old

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Retro childrens tin toy tea sets - very colorfulDo you love vintage? Thanks to grandparents who kept everything and a good friend who taught me how fun home decorating is with older items, my whole family loves almost everything vintage. Of course, that includes any type of delightful vintage tea sets for children.

They can definitely make a great addition to the decor of a child’s room. In fact, if you don’t know what materials were used for a vintage childs tea set, it might be safer to only use them for decoration. They’d be safe and cute up on a knick knack shelf in your child’s bedroom. Some useful resources for hunting for a true child’s vintage tea set include:

Vintage childrens elephant toy tea set

If none of these work out or if you prefer a newer child’s tea set to strive to ensure safety for your children or grandchildren who will be playing with it, there are several cute retro-style childrens tea party sets that look older, but are made of newer and, hopefully, safer materials.

Amazon has a delightful multi-colored child’s porcelain tea set that looks like it came straight from great-grandma’s kitchen.

Schylling colorful kids toy tea sets

If a kids tin tea set is more suited to your home decor, how about this cute Schylling Childrens summer bug tin toy tea set

Retro childrens tin toy tea sets - very colorfulIsn’t it adorable? I love that green combined with the pink! It proves that popular colors and fashions just keep coming back in style as its cute retro look would be great in many of today’s kids bedrooms with their bright colors.

And the best part about these two vintage-style childrens tea sets is that they are made of newer materials. Nowadays, there are no guarantees, but coming from reputable companies, they should be a safer option than the truly vintage childrens tea sets. They’ll look cute decorating your child’s or grandchildren’s bedroom but still should be safe and fun for playing dress up, pretend, and tea party. Sounds like a definite win-win to me. How about you? 🙂


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